Thursday, May 28, 2009

Winnie family donation

Meet the Winnie family!

The Winnie family received two Britax Regents from the foundation on May 16, 2009. Many thanks to CPST Kelley Adams-Campos for her time and expertise installing these seats and educating the family about installation and usage of these seats.

Cheryl Winnie had this to say to the foundation:

"I wanted to say thank you to all of you for helping us keep our children safe! Huge thanks to the Kyle David Miller Foundation! We are so grateful to have received these seats! Thank you to the technicians for all the hard work and for educating us on how to properly install the seats. [My children] LOVE their new seats and now their father and I can feel much safer knowing that thanks to the Kyle David Miller Foundation and the safety seat technicians our children will ride safely!"

Each seat the foundation donates costs approximately $200. We have a waiting list of ~100 families at any given time - all consisting of children who are at risk whilst they await our ability to assist. Please consider a donation to the foundation of any size you can afford, to help keep more children like the Winnie children safe. You can donate using PayPal to the right of our blog, or you can donate using Debit/Credit/Check. Details are here. Thank you so much for your support and dedication to keeping children safe!