Friday, May 22, 2009

foundation merchandise

Spread awareness! Show your support with pride! We have the goods to help you do so!

On the foundation website we have all kinds of goodies for you to proclaim your support. T-shirts for adults and youths (smaller kid items are available from infant sizes upwards on our Cafepress site along with caps, mugs, buttons etc.),

kindness cards for Kyle's Kindness Project, Wristbands, extended harnessing and extended rear-facing vehicle magnets

Use these to get a conversation started and help other parents to keep their children safe!


Samy said...

The magnets looks great I have both of them on my car LOl its a great way to spread the word on car seat safety.

Becky Jensen said...

i have both of these magnets on my van, every time i look at them i think of your darling boy and the wonderful work you are doing. I often find people pausing in a parking lot to read the magnets and i think maybe they will go to your website and it will make a difference. I live in a small town and people know my van because of the magnets.I have used the information you provided to help friends make better car seat choices, i am lovingly known as the "carseat nazi". thank you for the work you do, please know you are making a difference!