Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Buxton Family Donation

Prior to the holidays, the foundation donated a Britax Regent to the Buxton family. Unfortunatley, there are no pictures to share, but we received a lovely note from Mr. Buxton in thanks, which is below.

"Thank you for the car seat for my 5 year old. I t's perfect becauseshe had just passed the weight limit of 40 lbs of the car seat she was in and was too big to be able to use the 5 point harness that came with it. The one you sent us is good up to 80 lbs, plus it's big enough that she can use the 5 point harness. This was such an excellent quality of a car seat that there's no way we could have spent this much on one. Plus, the State of New Mexico has just furloughed their employees 5 days over the next 6 months due to state budget reasons. This came at a great time when we are trying to balance our own personal budget due to my employer having budget issues themselves.

I appreciate all the suggestions you and the installers of the car seat have given to me and my wife on safer installations of our car seats. Our two children are two of the most important individuals in our lives.

Again, thank you."

Many thanks to CPS Technician Maredi Salaz for all her help with this donation and for teaching the family how to correctly install and use the seat.
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