Monday, December 14, 2009

Munch family donation

Meet the Munch family!

What a car full of car seats! The foundation donated three Sunshine Kids Radians, a Sunshine Kids Montery booster to be used with an EZ-On 86-Y harness which we also donated.

Many thanks to Child Passenger Safety Technician Judi Lambert and her husband, who gets to be featured on our blog too!

You see him here wielding a drill for a very good reason.....he installed the heavy duty anchor for the 86-Y in the vehicle and drilled through the bottom of the Munch vehicle. What a talented family the Lamberts are!!!

It's great to know that these cuties are all riding safely!

The Radians worked out perfectly to get this three across installation you see above. Judi also turned the youngest Munch family member back to rear-facing as this is 5 times safer than forward-facing. All children who can fit rear-facing in their convertible seats should remain this way until they outgrow the seat either by height or weight, whichever comes first.

Each seat the foundation donates costs approximately $200. We have a waiting list of ~100 families at any given time - all consisting of children who are at risk whilst they await our ability to assist. Please consider a donation to the foundation of any size you can afford, to help keep more children like the Munch family safe. You can donate using PayPal to the right of our blog, or you can donate using Debit/Credit/Check. Details are here. Thank you so much for your support and dedication to keeping children safe!

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