Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's child passenger safety week!

We couldn't let this important week pass without a reminder from the board members and volunteers of the Kyle David Miller Foundation to make sure you are

  • securing your child in an appropriate child restraint - rear-facing to the max and harnessing to the max.
  • that your restraint is appropriately installed - no more than 1 inch of movement side to side, front to back when tugged lightly at the belt path
  • that you are using your child restraint correctly - harness is set at the correct height (at or below shoulders for rear-facing, at or above shoulders for forward-facing), the harness is tight enough (pinch test at the collarbone) and the chest clip is placed at armpit height
  • if your child is in a booster seat, make sure the lap portion of the seatbelt lies low across the child's hips (not on the abdomen) and the shoulder portion lies across the middle of the chest and lays on the shoulder (not touching the neck)

We want to thank everyone for your support of the foundation, both past and ongoing. Our aim is to avoid parents going through the heartbreak of losing their child in a crash. Through our car seat donation program, we have assisted parents with this aim. Help us to assist more and consider donating to the foundation.

Buckle UP everyone!

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