Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunshine Kids Radian - RF weight limit upped to 40lbs

Sunshine Kids have retroactively upped the rear-facing weight limit of the Radians manufactured in or after September 2008.

Recent additional crash testing has allowed Sunshine Kids to increase this weight limit from 35lbs to 40lbs, keeping pace with the recently released Graco My Ride 65 and recently announced Safety 1st Complete Air.

This change will be reflected in new manuals (end of this summer / early fall by the time it reaches stores.)

Interim Update Notification:
Models: U.S. models only - Radian65 (16500), Radian80 (18500) and RadianXT (19500)
Notice: Rear-facing capacity for these Radian models has been increased to 40 lbs
This change will be reflected on future Radian manuals and stickers.
This change is now retroactive and applies to U.S. Radian models manufactured in or after September, 2008.
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