Monday, June 29, 2009

summer safety tips

Each season of the year brings new challenges in the child restraint safety arena so we wanted to mention a few for the summer season:

Window Shades:One of the most common mistakes in safely transporting children is the use of suction cup and roller blind shades on the windows of vehicles. In a crash, these can become detached and a projectile that could injure you or your child. The safe recommendation is to use the tinted transfer shades that stick to the windows. An example of this is the Sunshine Kids Cool-Shade.

Cover your child restraint when not in use: When your child restraint is unoccupied and your vehicle will be sitting out in the sun, cover the restraint with a light towel or blanket – this will prevent the metal parts from heating up and potentially causing burns on your child. It will also keep dark colored fabric restraints cooler.

Never leave your child/ren in a vehicle unattended: In addition to the safety aspect of this, every year children die due to hyperthermia from being left in vehicles.

Double check and check again when you are backing up for children: With the better weather and lighter evenings, more children are playing outside. SUVs and Minivans have many blind spots in which a child could be lurking.

Pay attention to the increased number of cyclists and pedestrians out on the streets.
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